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Game of Thrones: Season 8: 8x3

The Long Night

Game of Thrones Episode 3 – The Long Night

The Long Night, as is the title of the episode 3, had perhaps the best beginning to a battle episode

through the show’s eight seasons. The opening long shot was well used to establish the fear in the

hearts of men, the preparedness of little girls, soldiers taking positions and wise men taking cover.

The fear, the anticipation, the long wait and the beating hearts were all reflected in the stellar music

by Ramin Djawadi. The music simply sounds like a nervous beating heart at first but soon transitions

into one that is ready to explode out of your chest. After the sweet but sombre silence and singing of the previous episode, The Long Night brought all the chaos that we didn’t really expect and yet, not the deaths that we already prepared for.

As for where we are with the story right now, it does leave a lot up in the air. The Night King and the long, single night of winter are behind us but there are warmer places to deal with. With half their army lying dead in Winterfell, it will be a tough task for Jon and Daenerys to beat Cersei and her army of Greyjoy fleet and the Golden Company. But even the dragons must be tired of battles by now. They must need rest for a few weeks. So do we.


Game of Thrones Episode 3

Game of Thrones Episode 3


Game of Thrones: 8×3
Game of Thrones: 8×3
Game of Thrones: 8×3
Game of Thrones: 8×3
Apr. 28, 2019

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