Fuh se Fantasy

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Fuh se Fantasy (2019) Season 1 Episode 1 To 4 720p HD
The chor police story was also fun. Here Sudha (Sanaya Pithawala) has a dangerous fetish of police interrogation. Luckily, they did not go down the ugly BDSM (Basic Instinct) route; rather, it was dealt in a fun manner. Glad the makers gave her a middle-class background, breaking the false notion that fetishes are only the domain of the well-heeled. It’s just that the former don’t talk about it.

No wonder the male lead, Bhargav (Anshuman Maho) is scared to fulfill his girl’s desires. She goes to the extent of giving him an ultimatum. The climax again was fun; the fear of getting caught was plastered all over Sudha’s face, another middle-class issue.

Have we all not secretly fantasized about making out at weird places? Well, our last story, Mile High Club, fits into that category. The lead couple wants to get dirty in a college lab, hospital room, and someone else’s bridal suite.

They then get a bit adventurous and try to make out inside a plane. To find out what happens next, please watch the show. Both are very natural in the loving-making scenes; normally, Indian actors get cagey and that looks bad on screen.

Fuh se Fantasy

Fuh se Fantasy

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