Four More Shots Please: Season 1

Jan. 24, 2019
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Four More Shotss Please Season 1 In Hindi English

Damini Roy, the very successful journalist and start up founder wins four “fearless

journalist” awards in a row despite the board posing hindrances for her but is

never stable in her personal life and ends up losing Jeh, whom she truly loves

because of some misunderstandings. Anjana Menon, a successful lawyer who

constantly tries to get over her estranged husband’s budding romance

with Kavya and ends up getting jailed because of drinking and driving while

taking her sick daughter to the hospital. Umang Singh, a Punjabi PT teacher

from Ludhiana, and a bisexualconstantly tries to recuperate from the pangs of

breakup she is given by her girlfriends. And last but not the least, Sidhi Patel,

a very bubbly 23 year old virgin, tries to find out the true meaning of love under

the constant interference of her overcritical mother Sneha.

Four More Shots Please!

Four More Shots Please!

Four More Shots Please:  is an Indian web television series on Amazon

Prime Video directed by Anu Menon. The series follows the story of four

unapologetically flawed women (two in their 30s and two in their early 20s)

as they live, love, make mistakes and discover what really makes them tick

through friendship and shots of tequila in millennial Mumbai. The series is

Amazon Prime Video’s first all women protagonist Indian Original starring

Sayani Gupta, Gurbani Judge, Kirti Kulhari and Maanvi Gagroo.

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