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Gandii Baat: Season 2

Jan. 07, 2019
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Gandii Baat (2019) Hindi Complete season 2 All Episode In 1

Demanding and forthright are not the traits women expect from rural women.

Season 02 of Gandii Baat is an all-new collection of stories, which reveals the sexually

bold and unapologetic side of women from the villages of India. Thiis time., women are

willing to explore and embrace their darkest desires, they get deeply involved in unspeakable

dirty deeds. The things they are willing to do for turning every situation in their favour will

leave you shocked!

Season 2

E01. Bai-Sexual: Neeta is shocked to learn about her husband Vaibhav’s affair with Sajili. Her life takes a turn when Sajili makes an impossible demand from Vaibhav.

E02. Jadui Mahal: The entire village is curious about the Jadui Mahal, as no one has ever dared to go inside. Everything changes when the village Sarpanch decides to explore the mystery inside it.

E03. Gibraltar: Bhushan is desperate to get married to Seema. But Seema is intimidated by her fiancé. Unable to handle any more humiliation, she decides to teach him a lesson.

E04. Love Sex and Betrayal: Dugga, Sachi, Heera, and Soma will learn the difference between love and lust through an age-old tradition.

Gandii Baat: Season 2

Gandii Baat: Season 2

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